Sunday, 23 May 2010

31, Rue Cambon

A totally unnecesary post, but I fell in love with this photos! And to make a little tribute to my beloved blog.


putas calorias said...

Linda siiiiiiii :) estoy re feliz! dias de nada, aunque el 3 dia ES EL MAS DIFICIL, El peor sin duda. Ya empezas a sentir... Pero bueno apenas termino comi algo porq no daba mas y si quiero seguir la de las uvas tengo que hoy hacerla "sano". pero estoy dehando a Mia (que es mi meta uqe nunca pude...) haber si puedo porq no la banco mas.
Besotes ami que andes lindo
suerte hoy que podemos <3
vamos a ver perfectas :)

( A otra cosa que tehiba a decir: Beauty From Pain (el grupo es mio, vi que mandaste solicitud y te hacepte NO DIGAS NDA PORFAVOR. Gracias.)
Supuestamernte vine a dublin y iba a estar bn (que es lo que hice hasta hace unas semanas que empeze denuevo cn todo :S)
FUERZA. Beso (m fui al cole..)

K. said...

Totally unnecesary? No way! I love the photos - they are very artsy and lovely.
Why did you change the name (or heading?) of your blog up top? Just wondering, this one is nice too but I looooove Rue Cambon. It is an amazing name for a fashion blog.
Thanks so, so much for your very sweet comment Augusta. And don't be shy! I was shy too at first about posting pics of myself online... but now... I'm addicted and can't stop! Please help haha.
By the way, I definitely know how you feel about not being able to wear certain clothes (ie floral blazers, blazers) because people where you live are not fashion-forward. My city is totally like that, and of late - thanks to my blog - I've finally learnt to dress for myself. Even if I get funny looks!
Sorry for the very long comment! Thank you again for all of the comments!

Alysha said...

i love these bags!
cute blog!


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