Friday, 9 July 2010


I'm so lazy!!! I had my beloved blog abandoned simply because I was to lazy to upload the photos! But I'm here and updating! Lot's of things happened this weeks: I finished the first semester of university, couture week (!!!!)and new adquisitions! haha I bought the coolest thing ever! Two sort of notebooks that were specially made for me, one with a photo of Karl Lagerfeld and the other with Vlada Roslyakova ♥ I'll upload some photos soon!
Anyway, here are some photos of Wildfox's Resort collection, modelled by Tiernan Cowling. The clothes are cool, but I love the photos! Very thecobrasnake-esq (lame word!).


bella/whitney said...

we LOVE your blog!
follow our blog back?
whitney & bella

Mary Lord said...

Every single one is perfect, can't decide between them!

What are you studying at uni? i'm applying for LCF this year :)

Great blog

Phoebe Rose said...

So in love with these care free and cool!

Ines said...

Oh, It really looks like someting from cobrasnake.
Maybe you then know who this is ? (

P.S. I love Vlada too :D

Micaela said...

Me encantaron estas fotos! Estan buenisimas. Wild Fox tiene las mejores sesiones de fotos!
Te mando un beso


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