Sunday, 12 June 2011

As knitted by Marant

Lately I've been obsessed with knitwear. Probably it's because winter is starting to (quickly) hit Montevideo, and nothing better than a good old knitted sweater to keep myself warm. Although some people would tag her as "commercial", I absolutely love the way Isabel Marant introduces knitwear in some way or another into her collections, either fall or summer. Classic designs and some a little bit bolder, I always end up puting her knits on the top of my list.

The classic sweater: Isabel Marant Spring 2011

The classic sweater: Isabel Marant Fall 2010

The bolder looks: Isabel Marant Fall 2011

Also some other designs that I absolutely adore:
The cardigan: Christian Dior Fall 2010

The summer sweater: Louis Vuitton Fall 2010

Head to toe knits: Chloé, Celine and Prada Fall 2010

And finally a little treat by Miuccia. I absolutely love this incredibly ingenious socks with knitted details

Prada Fall 2010


Anonymous said...

Lindo blog! Entre aqui a través de TFS, como hiciste para registrarte?


NUEVO DISEÑO DEL BLOG MARAVILLOSO! me gusta me gusta me gusta :)

Ethic said...

Augusta!! Me encantó tu blog, y todavía más encontrarme con otra blogger uruguaya! Pocas pero buenas!!!

Vas a la gala? Yo estoy decidiendo todavía pero me re divierte la idea. Seguramente nos vemos ahí!
Beso grande


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