Monday, 15 November 2010

Dramatic is the code

Chanel. How can you not love a Chanel show? That's just, fashionably speaking, impossible! This time the runway was set on the Grand Palais as an enourmous garden. Karl Lagerfeld was inspired by dreams, and everything on the collection was magical. More than magical, it was out of this world, perhaps this made of the collection not too wearable, but who cares about that when you are wearing Chanel?
Derek Lam. Going from Chanel to Lam sucks, I know. But this collection was simply beautiful. Completely wearable, simple and chic. The simplicity of the cuts was beautiful, as it made them incredibly flattering yet manteining a certain purity.
Marc Jacobs. Marc's spectacule already deserved a post for itself. I fell in love with this collection. So dramatic and so couture-like. There's nothing else I can say about without repeating myself, but the whole composition was stunning: the deatils, the music, the set, the hair and make-up. Pure fashion perfection!

Proenza Schouler. Seeing a collection by Proenza Schouler with no rock & roll inspiration was strange. The rebelious PS girl has turn into a sophisticated lady. Some dresses and jackets reminded me of old-school Chanel, but there was still some Proenza touches. The neon green and orange dresses reminded us why we love this brand so much, only a true risk-taker can dare to wear something like this. Count me in!
Yves Saint Laurent. Just when I had lost my hopes on YSL, Stefano Pilatti made this amazing collection, with the perfect touch of original YSL. Seventies sillhoutes and eye-popping colours were the stars of the show. A great hit for a legendary brand, which had recently lost several critics fans.


Natalie Suarez said...

awesome looks. love it! :)

Dinahsrighthere said...

I love your collages !I'm not a fan of Derek Lam but the 3 others are beyond cool :)


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